Gardening beginner Here s what to do first!

Gardening beginner? Here’s what to do first!

Everyone dreams of a beautiful garden, rich and well maintained, but the reality is that lack of time and especially money make us quit. Do not despair! With a little effort and minimal investment you can have a beautiful garden. Here are some gardening starting tips:

1. Establish what you want more

When you do not have too much space it’s hard to decide what you want to decorate: a relaxation area, a vegetable garden or a flower one? You can’t have them all at once, so you need to decide what to choose.

2. Start slowly

If you are the new house owner that has a garden you better start it gradually. You have to see what plants are perennial that can be stored for years to come and where we need to refresh the soil to make it fertile.

3. What you can do on your own

Time, knowledge and money are elements that need to be considered when you start to change a garden. For many, it’s a pleasure to deal with garden issues by themselves. Others, however, prefer to hire specialists, designers and garden landscapers. If you are not sufficiently prepared to work alone, certainly you will find a benevolent neighbor to help you.

4. What kind of climate is in your area

If you moved to a new area and you do not know much about its specific climate specific, you can seek advice from the mayor’s public domain employees. They know best what type of vegetation fits in your garden, which is the climate in that area and how fertile is the soil. You’ll save money if you inform before you start randomly buy seedlings that does not bear the climate because they are not specific to that area.

5. Choose plants according to the heyday

If you want to have a full garden for a longer period you must plant species that have different flowering periods. It’s good to be careful to the colors too, but also to the specific plant height.

6. What tools you need to buy

Obviously, you can’t go to battle without weapons, so you will need to buy a shovel, a spade, a rake, a garden trimmer, a lawn mower and a hose sprinkler.