How to pick tomatoes from the garden

How to pick tomatoes from the garden

Tomatoes picking period begins in July and lasts until autumn. Of course, this period may vary depending on when you planted tomatoes in the garden and depending on your area climate. Here’s what to keep in mind when picking them.

1. Tomatoes must be collected periodically, as they ripen at a time. Usually tomatoes picking should be performed every two days.

2. Check their color. Tomatoes must have a bright red uniform color. If you notice brown spots it means they already past and they should be discarded. If you notice green-yellow streaks, tomato is not ripe yet.

Please note! Color may vary depending on the species. There are red, yellow, orange, purple, pink and green tomatoes. The most common are red and yellow.

3. Check ripe tomatoes before putting them in the basket or boxes. A healthy tomato should be firm to the touch.

4. Once you have picked tomatoes from the garden and you want to keep them fresh for several days, store them in a cool, dry place. Put them on a piece of paper on a short distance between them. In this way tomatoes will last several days. If you refrigerate them you risk that moisture to affect them and they may rot in a few days. However, if you store them in a dry place will keep your tomatoes fresh for up to two weeks.

Please note! Before temperatures drop considerably at night, collect all tomatoes from the garden, even if they are unripe. They are perfect for pickles.