How To Start Seeds In 3 Days


Pick out your seeds.  I chose morning glories, moonflowers, and cypress.

How-to-starts-seeds-the-quickest-wayPour your seeds out.

clip-the-end-of-a-seed-off-with-nail-clippers-to-grow-fasterClip the end off of each one…this can take a while, so get comfortable.

And…please excuse my hideous nails.

Clip-seeds-then-soak-in-water-overnight-for-fast-germinationOnce you have clipped them, put them in a glass of water and let them soak overnight.

This softens the seed coating and allows it to germinate quickly.

How-to-start-seeds-super-fastPlant your seeds in a pot or straight in the ground like me, and within 3 days, you will have sprouts!!!

I cannot wait to watch these babies grow and start to vine up the trellis!