Vegetables with fewer calories you should have in your garden

Vegetables are some of the healthiest foods, are rich in vitamins and minerals and are low in calories. So if you want to follow a healthy lifestyle, vegetables are a must in any garden. Discover some of the vegetables with the fewest calories and how you can grow them:


In 100 grams of salad are found only 15 calories. In addition, lettuce is abundant in vitamins A and C, but also rich in iron, protein and fiber.

Planting lettuce seeds directly into a well-drained soil. They prefer the semidarkness areas in the garden. Be sure to leave a distance of about 20 centimeters between the lettuce nests, so they will grow freely.



Another healthy vegetable with a low calorie is celery. In 110 grams of celery are found 18 calories that provide 10% of the body needs of vitamin A and 4% of calcium.

Celery is a vegetable that prefers moist soils, well drained. It should be planted in partially shaded places. Plants need a 30 cm distance between them.



In 104 grams of cucumbers there are 16 calories and more than 90% of their content is water.

These vegetables need well-drained soil and should be watered regularly, but be sure not to use excess water to avoid root rotting. They need more light and should be planted in sunny places in the garden.



These delicious vegetables with a little pungent taste, contains 19 calories per 116 grams and offers 29% of your daily vitamin C. Also, they have an important content of sodium, magnesium, fiber and vitamin B6.

Plant their seeds in nests, about 10 centimeters away from each other. Radishes prefer moist soils, therefore you should water them three to four times a week. You need to plant them in sunny areas but they can adapt in partially shaded areas of the garden.